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DXY Index Trades Both Ways Ahead of Inflation Figures
Chandan Gupta
Mixed US data alters rate cut outlook, impacting DXY. Dollar's trajectory hinges on US inflation report and ECB policy. Yen approaches historic lows, Euro's fate tied to ECB's rate verdict.


The U.S. Dollar Index (DXY) is trading lower on Monday after giving back earlier gains against major currencies, impacted by mixed U.S. economic data and global economic events. The anticipation of upcoming U.S. inflation data and the European Central Bank (ECB) policy meeting are pivotal factors influencing the index’s movements.

Market Analysis

The DXY showed a downward trend, influenced by contrasting U.S. economic indicators. The unexpected surge in U.S. employment was offset by a slowdown in service sector growth, leading to reduced expectations for Federal Reserve rate cuts this year. Meanwhile, U.S. Treasury yields, mirroring interest rate expectations, have edged higher.

Inflation and Policy Meetings

The market is closely monitoring the U.S. Consumer Price Inflation report due on Wednesday. An “upside inflation surprise” could prompt a reassessment of Federal Reserve policies, potentially strengthening the dollar. Additionally, the ECB’s policy meeting on Thursday will be significant for major global currencies.

Yen and Euro Movements

The Japanese yen hovered near 34-year lows, with potential interventions by Tokyo authorities to support the currency. The Bank of Japan’s stance remains cautious, with no clear indications of policy changes. The euro showed a slight decline, influenced by the ECB’s possible rate hold and future easing measures.

Cryptocurrency and Sterling Performance

In the cryptocurrency realm, Bitcoin experienced a significant surge. Sterling, on the other hand, recorded a marginal decrease.

Market Forecast

Given the imminent U.S. inflation data and the ECB meeting, the market appears poised for volatility. The possibility of higher-than-expected U.S. inflation could lead to a hawkish reassessment of the Federal Reserve’s interest rate policies, potentially bolstering the dollar. Consequently, a short-term bullish outlook for the U.S. Dollar Index seems probable, contingent on the inflation report and global central bank decisions.

Technical Analysis

DXY Index Trades Both Ways Ahead of Inflation Figures_1
The US Dollar Index is nearly flat on Monday, in a move largely influenced by trader indecision ahead of Wednesday’s major US consumer inflation report.
The market continues to be well-supported by the uptrending 50-day and 200-day moving averages at 103.904 and 103.801, respectively. They represent the intermediate and long-term trends.