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Forex market is the largest and most liquid financial market in the world. We provide major, minor, cross, and exotic pairs for you to trade at low commissions and close to zero spreads with fast execution and low latency.

Markets Bid Ask Chg(%) Spread Action
104.821 104.85 0.0015 0.029
0.66465 0.66484 -0.0026 0.000
1.08362 1.08374 -0.0015 0.000
1.27266 1.27295 0.0015 0.000
0.61114 0.61142 0.0037 0.000
1.36728 1.36758 0.0015 0.000
0.91395 0.91415 0.0036 0.000
156.527 156.544 0.0025 0.017
0.90886 0.90906 -0.001 0.000
0.60745 0.60775 0.0009 0.000

About Forex Trading

Forex trading, which can also be referred to simply as currency pair FX trading, is a term that describes the currency exchange market as we know it today. Simply put, individuals, companies and financial institutions exchange currencies with each other at floating interest rates in a globally dispersed market.

As we know today, the current floating exchange rate system was adopted after World War II and has remained in place ever since. Before the current foreign exchange exchange rate system, there was a currency management system called the Bretton Woods Agreement, in which the exchange rate prices of currencies were bound to each other and related to the gold reserves held by the two countries. Both countries are the actual monetary originators associated with the transaction.

Forex Market

The foreign exchange trading market is currently the largest and most liquid market in the world. This is determined by many factors, including but not limited to: executing transactions through the Internet, the development of modern tourism, international communications and modern transportation, which have reduced the world’s distance.

By making our world smaller and more global, it means people, goods and services can communicate faster and more easily. This also means the need to trade currencies with each other. All of these factors determine a growing Forex trading market, so it will only continue to grow and become more flexible, liquid and ubiquitous.

Online Forex Trading

Among the major players in the Forex trading market, one of the largest growing segments of the Forex trading market is the retail Forex traders (individuals) whose main reason for participating in online Forex trading is speculation with the ultimate goal of bringing about currency fluctuations (market changes) profits, or to hedge unnecessary currency risk.

This part can participate in the foreign exchange market through brokers or banks. In this case, the bank or broker will authorize a retail client with an account established in the base currency (usually the local currency of the client's region), and the client will have the opportunity to buy and sell currency pairs for profit, either online or over the phone.

Trade Forex with Broker

Trade forex with real-time quotes through fair and honest brokers, and make good use of the borderless online trading platform to buy and sell a variety of commodities. Customers have the right to decide when to buy and sell, and can conduct transactions anytime and anywhere.